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1999 to 2001 VVT

Engine Swap


I bought a 1999 Miata LS (the green one) with a blown engine. The Parts Group had a complete 2001 VVT engine available, so I decided to install it in my 1999 Miata. I did not realize how much I needed to learn, but got an education during this engine swap.

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The Parts Group

The rear seal had blown and leaked the oil out on a trip to Tennessee unknown to the driver. #3 rod bearing apparently failed first and made a nice sized hole in the side of the block.

The first order of business was a trip to The Parts Group in Danville, Alabama to pick up the engine. Of course while there I found other parts I had to have. Tom had all the things I needed (wanted).

Once I got home, I cleaned the engine and got it ready for installation.

Sorry I don’t have more pictures of the engine removal, but I do have a few of the old engine.

The old engine and transmission cleaned up well.

In the evenings, I had to do research to try and find how to make all the connections since my car was a 1999 and the new engine was a 2001 with the VVT. As could be expected the PCM's were not the same so the connections were also different. Every thing else would bolt onto the new engine without issues.