Throttle Cable Removal Tool

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Throttle Cable Removal


I needed to replace the throttle cable on the Rallycross Miata. So, as usual I read all I could find on about how to remove it. I found out that removing the part at the firewall was very difficult.

Most of the suggestions involved trying to push the clip fingers in while someone wiggles it loose from the engine bay side. I tried this method, but found it too difficult. Trying to lay upside down under the steering wheel while working a prying tool while my wife tried to wiggle the cable out just was not working.

I finally resorted to cutting it off at the firewall with a cutoff tool.

I decided then, I would find a better way so next time I would not have to struggle to get a throttle cable out. Well, I think I have come up with a tool that will work.

I took a large bolt, probably a 5/8" bolt by about 6" long and started making an arbor to stretch a piece of conduit into the same shape as the clip in the firewall. I just ground the head until it matched the shape of the rubber seal that came off the old cable I had cut off. I then beveled the edges and smoothed it with on the wire wheel.

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I cut a 6" piece off an old tent pole that is 3/4" steel tubing (3/4" conduit should also work). I used my MAP gas torch to heat the end as hot as it would get it and drove it onto the head of the arbor. Now the tube took the shape of the arbor. I cut the tool off about 2" long so it will fit under the dash.

Then I test fitted it over the clip end from the cut off cable. It seems to push all four fingers in perfectly. I have yet to try it, but even if it needs a little adjustment, I believe it will work great!



I finally got around to trying the tool today. It took me only a few minutes to remove the clip from the firewall. Most of the time was spent on contorting myself to get under the dash.

First I removed the cable end at the throttle body.

Then under the dash the green nylon cable seat is removed from the gas pedal. Mine will come off with only finger pressure.

Once that is removed the tool is slipped over the cable and pressed onto the plastic clip in the firewall. No other tools needed. It was easy to press on with my hand.

Next the throttle cable is wiggled from outside at the firewall and it just falls right out. You can see the tool hanging on the cable.

This is a tool that will save you a lot of time and aggravation!

It does work GREAT!