E. Front Rail Examination

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Frame Rail Examination

I started looking at how to straighten the front rails today. I found the driver’s side rail is bent just in front of the shock mounting and it appears that nothing was bent beyond there. So, the sub-frame is still where it belongs. If I can find some measurements for the NB I will confirm that later.

Looking down on the top of the rail, the bend appears to start just at the shock tower mount. The rail is straight from the front to this point.

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Looking at the side a wrinkle is visible just at the mount.

Here is a closer look. I believe I will have to heat the wrinkled area down the side and on the bottom to get it to move back where it belongs. Notice the inner fender panel is separating due to the bent rail.

I took the sway bar loose so the rail can move once it is heated. I will have to use some sheet metal as heat shields to avoid damaging the upper A-arm bushing and to block the heat from the engine bay.

I fashioned some wood to use for a tool again. I am not sure it will be strong enough to use so I will be looking for some square tubing instead.

The metal shield was an old lawnmower chute. I don't think it is big enough.

Since there are so many things that I need to think about here, I am going to wait a while and figure out what to do next.

I plan to remove the engine soon. A friend is going to try to come in a few days so we may be able to remove the engine then. With the engine removed, I will have more room to maneuver.

I can find some other things to work on until then: like clean out the garage to make more room to work.