E. Rallycross Miata Engine Removal

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Engine Removal

I decided to remove the engine and transmission outside since it was nice today and I wanted to clean the engine bay properly with the pressure washer. The front end was already on some jack stands. I had taken all the parts loose on top of the engine bay and inside the car a couple days ago.

All that was left to be done was to raise the rear, put it on some jack stands and remove the parts under the car to free the engine. I took off the down pipe, mid-pipe, drive shaft, clutch cylinder, engine mount nuts, sub-frame cross member, front bolts in the power plant frame, and one of the rear bolts to allow it to swing over a little.

I hooked up the engine hoist before letting the engine go from the power plant frame.

I have found that even though the nuts are removed from the engine mounts, taking the side bracket off the driver's side mount makes engine removal easier.

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A load leveler is a must for this task. Notice how the angle of the engine changed during the removal. That cannot be accomplished by hand. All this work was done while working alone today. The right tools really pay off.

This is the tool I made the other day from an old drive shaft yoke. The wire was used to keep the yoke in place. I did not spill a drop of transmission oil. That is a first!

Now I could get to the grease and grime. The pressure washer really does a good job. I even cleaned the diff. It had been leaking oil and may need bearings, or seals. Now maybe I will be able to tell what is leaking?

I had noticed the transmission looked pretty clean. This is what I found written on it. It obviously was a replacement transmission at some point. Not sure of the mileage, but hopefully this means it is in good shape.

This is a example of a bad connecting rod. Notice the twisting bend and the broken bolt. I cannot believe it stayed so intact. I can see parts of the piston through the hole in the oil pan.

Maybe it would make a good hood ornament? It did come from an engine with over 280,000 miles. I hope I can get that much out of all my Miatas.

I will clean up the engine and transmission tomorrow and take all the parts off the engine needed for the replacement engine. I sure hope the clutch is new too.

Also, the head is ready for pick-up at Dover. My neighbor is going to pick it up tomorrow. Now I will have few excuses not to try to get the car ready for a Rallycross coming up December 15.