B. Ford 4000 Lift Rebuild

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Ford 4000

Lift Rebuild

The tractor lift is working now that the adjustments have been made...as long as the engine is running. It worked to plow the local church's acre garden and to mow all day at the hunting club. But there are still internal lift problems and several areas leaking oil. The lift will leak down quickly when the engine is shut down. So the lift cylinder must be rebuilt and the leaks addressed.

I started by making making pictures of the leaks that had shown up while mowing.

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The brake pedal shaft seals are both leaking oil. This means it is also time to repair the brake pedal shaft. I think I will start spelling tractor as BOAT!

I will document the brake shaft repair on a separate page. See D. Ford 4000 Brake Pedals and Shaft Repair

The left rear axle seal is leaking. It has leaked since I have owned the tractor. I may tacle that some day in the future.

Then I pressure washed the tractor so it would be clean while I fixed the lift.

Well, while it was drying in the driveway, I noticed diesel fuel dripping from the bell housing.

It turns out that the dirt I washed off the fuel tank was all that held the holes closed in the bottom of it. The fuel tank was rotted beyond repair. JUST GREAT! This was all I needed. More expensive problems to fix.

I decided that since the dash had to come off, I would just go ahead and fix the instrument panel too. Then I noticed the PTO shaft seal is also leaking. So, I am going to fix everything that I can afford while the tractor is down. This looks like a $1000 project by the time new or used parts are purchased. I guess the camper project will be on hold for a while.

I will document the fuel tank replacement and dash repairs in a separate page. See this page below. E. Ford 4000 Fuel Tank Replacement

Before I removed the lift cover I wanted a way to hold it that I could turn it upside down by myself. I have several engine stands and one was empty. So, I used some 2" x 2" angle to make an adapter to bolt the lift cover to. I think this will work!

Soon I will start rebuilding the lift cylinder.

On 09/25/2016 my brother, Frank came over to help me work on the tractor. He is an over qualified tractor mechanic being an certified aircraft mechanic for over 40 years. So, while I worked on my crusty light switch, Frank started rebuilding the lift cylinder.

Sorry, there are not many pictures here. But basically, the engine stand allowed the task to be done pretty easily. The lift cover could be turned to any position to assist with removing the lift cylinder.

First the control valve linkage was disconnected. then the four bolts holding the lift cylinder were removed and with some light encouragement from a pry-bar the cylinder came off.

Frank noticed oil leaking past the piston as he removed the cylinder. He was sure this was going to be the source of the lift issues. And he was right!

This is the piston.

Notice the large O-ring looks like rats have been chewing on it.

No wonder it was not holding without the engine running! I am always pleased to find a smoking gun when fixing things. Frank and I both are confident that this was the major problem with the lift.

The inside of the cylinder looked good.

Frank cleaned all the parts. Then he replaced the wiper ring and O-ring, cleaned some burrs off the lip of the lift cylinder and installed the piston using my piston ring compressor.

Frank reinstalled the lift cylinder onto the lift cover. That was EASY! At least it was easy for me. Thanks Frank! Now we were ready to install the lift cover.

But, before we did that the pressure tube needed some attention. Someone in the past must have had a hard time getting the cover off and had booger-ed it up enough to need smoothing. Frank did that on the lathe and installed new O-rings on it. It fit much better in the bores after it was cleaned up.

The engine hoist and two people made reinstalling the lift cover easy. Frank guided it while I worked the hoist. Frank also torqued the cover bolts while I got the auxiliary valve cover cleaned up and installed new O-rings with grease to hold them in place. Then we bolted it back into place and installed the auxiliary hydraulic tube.

I think the lift will work better than it ever has since I have owned the tractor.

On to finishing up the dash repairs!