P. Engine Bay Painting Part #2

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Engine Bay

Painting Part #2

The engine bay is now painted. I was able to get it done without much too trouble. My brother loaned me a pair of HVLP spray guns. One is a jamb size and it was just what I needed for getting into the engine bay.

The paint I am using is base/clear coat but I am only using the base in the engine bay. I will not be applying clear so it will match the original paint job. Apparently, this is what Mazda did when they painted the engine bay originally. The only clear I have found inside the engine bay was from over-spray when Mazda sprayed the outside of the car.

I spent more time preparing to paint than actually painting. I had to collect everything needed before starting. I used a respirator and rubber gloves to protect me. I also tried to avoid getting into the over-spray while spraying.

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I had to set up a spot to paint that would not get over-spray all over the inside of my garage. So I did it outside the garage with the doors closed to protect the inside of the garage.

I had already prepared the engine bay for paint. I had previously sanded, cleaned and masked most of it off. All I had left to do was complete the masking. I used half an old sheet on each of the front tires to keep over-spray off. I was amazed at how little over-spray the little gun produced.

It took mixing about five of the small cups to paint the engine bay and the loose parts. I mixed each one separately to avoid wasting the paint.

I had a couple of sags in the paint on the driver's side wheel well. After they had dried a little, I covered them again and they don't look bad. The sags will be hidden by parts mounted under the hood so I will not worry about them.

I think it came out looking good. The paint matches very well.

Time will tell if I did it right. Hopefully, the paint will stay on for many years.