F. Engine and Transmission Removal

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Engine and Transmission


Roger came over today to assist with removing the engine and transmission. It took us about six hours to get them out and cleaned up. Usually it takes longer, but we saved time since the front of the car was already removed. I did not take many pictures of the removal process so we could make better time. Roger lives over 2 hours away so finishing early was a plus.

I will try to post the process we used to remove the engine and transmission for a car that started out whole. As we re-install them, I will make more pictures to show what parts have to be removed, or disconnected.

Once the engine and transmission were out, we mounted an exhaust manifold to keep water out of the head and put covers over the areas water could get into the engine and transmission. We used Purple Power cleaner and a pressure washer to clean the grime off.

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Now that is clean! I love a clean engine. I won’t mind working on this one as much now.

I will also clean the engine bay so most of the grime will be gone from underneath. It was very greasy under there.

Here is a picture of Roger in his 2000 Miata LS with Turbocharger. He recently installed the turbo and not yet running it up to full boost. He says he will be replacing the clutch soon and having full boost would only speed up the need for the new clutch. So, for now he is running it without full boost. It is already faster than my supercharger so full boost will really be awesome.

Thanks for all the help today Roger!