A. 1999 Miata LS for Rallycross

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Rallycross Miata


1999 Miata LS

I plan to replace most of the moving parts on this Miata to make a Rallycross Miata. My son and I have been using my old 1995 Dakota pickup for Rallycross, but it is weary of the task and needs some TLC too.

The Rallycross Miata had over 280,000 miles on it before the engine blew. The car was a one owner car that apparently gave good service to the previous owner.

The head had just been rebuilt when the engine let the #4 rod go and exit below the edge of the block and out the side of the oil pan.

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Here are some pictures of the car before we start making improvements.

The soft top is in great shape. It is missing some stitching along the driver's side edge, but is fully operational and intact.

The engine bay is really clean. That is a plus!

I pulled the valve cover and one of the exhaust cam bearing caps. The head is toast. The cam and the bearings are grooved and appear to be scarred by the metal turned loose by the rod breaking.

I will be picking up an engine next week. So, the Rallycross Miata Project begins!