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I started playing with Miatas in December of 2011. My son had just started to doing autocross with a VW GTI and invited me to an event. I was given a ride by an experienced driver and it hooked me. I had to try it myself. I watched the types of cars that were doing well and decided to purchase my first Miata so I could go autocrossing with my son.

That is where it all started. I now have a new disease I call NB Miatacosis (insatiable desire to acquire NB Miata stuff). My wife wants to know when I will stop buying Miatas and Miata parts. I told her when I have all the things Miata that are supposed to be mine I will stop. That has not happened yet!

I retired in January 2012 and have been busy since. While I do some contracting work, most of my time is spent on my hobbies. Miatas have become the number one hobby for now. My blog name of 2busy2work fits me well. You may also see me on some of the Miata forums using the same name.

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