F-250 Fuel Leak Repair

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Fuel Leak


The poor fuel mileage I was getting became clearer once I noticed the fuel leaking onto the engine valley. A quick check on the internet pointed me to the fuel pump on top of the engine. Sure enough there was fuel leaking from it.

I ordered hoses, clamps and a fuel pump from DieselOrings.com. When they arrived, I started the installation with some concern. Getting the large connection loose requires getting a wrench into a very tight spot. But, I was able to get it with an old cheap China made wrench I already had.

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The fuel pump swap went well. I buttoned up everything including finishing the new down pipe install without issue. The truck started without issue and ran well. BUT, after only a few minutes, I could see fresh fuel in the valley again. This time I could find fuel on the bottom of the fuel bowl assembly. The new fuel pump was not leaking so some progress was made.

The old fuel bowl assembly had issues. It had several holes in the bottom with deep pits on the inside in the pot metal. The old fuel bowl heater had failed several years ago and there are multiple places that could develop a leak. Again I turned to DieselOrings.com and ordered a new fuel bowl assembly. The new one came plug and play which costs more, but to me is well worth the additional cost.

With the new fuel bowl assembly installed, the engine ran great without leaking fuel. Finally some success!

The next opportunity to check fuel mileage revealed improvement, but without pulling a trailer the mileage was only around 16 mpg. Power was somewhat improved but when pulling my tractor, there were several hills that required a downshift since the boost would not stay up.

I felt further upgrades were needed to enhance the power output at all levels. I started saving my money so I could purchase a tuning chip, a larger exhaust system and upgrade for the air intake. I will post a new entry about these power upgrades.