X. Bodywork Part #4

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Bodywork Part #4

I painted the inside of the hood orange this morning.

I took off the plastic parts holding the washer tubes. To do that, I made a small tool to avoid breaking the tabs as I pried the parts out with a screwdriver.

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I had to remove some stickers and a Flyin Miata logo and tape over the factory applied labels. I then scuffed the entire area, cleaned it with acetone first then the wax and grease remover. I did both twice to be sure it was clean. I tacked it to remove dust before spraying.

I used my airbrush to spray into all the small crevices and holes to ensure I covered all the silver paint. I want the hood to look original to the car.

After all the small areas were covered, I sprayed the hood with two layers of base coat. I am not going to clear this since it was not done on the original paint job.

It turned out well and looks original once the tape was removed.

Now the hood is ready to be mounted back on the car. It will be painted on the outside when the entire car is painted.

While the airbrush was filled, I also painted the inside of the driver's side door handle. Again, I want it to match how the originals were painted.

It is now ready for final painting with the car. I guess I will work on the fender and rear bumper cover next.

I also plan to purchase a new front bumper cover from Mazmart. I am not satisfied with all the work I will have to do to the silver one with black stripes.