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I purchased some used Flyin' Miata tools to use with my Miata projects. Here are a few of the tools and how they have been used. All of them have worked well.

I used the crank bolt tool instead of my homemade tool to remove the crank bolt on my 1999 AE yesterday. To remove the bolt, I attached the tool and used a small crow bar resting on the frame and sway bar to hold the crank. To install the bolt, I allowed the bar to press against the alternator pulley. Both removal and install was a breeze.

The crank seal tool uses the crank bolt to press the seal into place. Once the crank bolt stops turning, the seal is installed.

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The cam seal tool works the same way as the crank seal tool. Notice I drilled a 1/16" hole and inserted a drywall screw to remove the old seal. I was careful to get any small chips with a magnet before installing the new seal.

The rear main seal tool also works the same way too, but a couple of the flywheel bolts are used to press the seal in. I needed a puller for a flywheel on an old outboard. So, I drilled some holes in the rear main seal tool. Now it doubles as a puller. I may add some holes to allow it to be used as the front pulley mount remover also.

The cam gear ninja tool fits between the cam sprockets. I used it when removing and installing the cam gear bolts.

Again, all the tools worked great!