C. 1959 MGA Restoration Vehicle Identification

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1959 MGA Restoration

Vehicle Identification

As could be expected for this aged vehicle, it has no original title. I wanted to find the vehicle identification number so I will have an easier time registering it once restoration is complete. Plus I wanted documentation of it being an original red car.

I read as much as I could find on the web about how to identify an MGA. One way was the stamped identification plate but it had been removed. Many MGAs had the vehicle number stamped onto a floor support. However, the possibility of finding the number stamped on the passenger side front floor rail was lost due to rust. I was concerned that the number may be forever lost.

I contacted the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust to see if they could locate the vehicle number in their records based on the options on the car. That attempt failed due to lack of information. They responded that I would have to provide the vehicle number and then they might be able to find the original build sheet. If they found the build sheet they would create a Certified Copy of of a Factory Record for the car.

I called the friend that had sold me the car and asked if he would contact the previous owner to see if he had the vehicle ID number. This was my last option. After a week or so, he notified me that the previous owner found the vehicle number on old piece of paper in a desk drawer. What luck! Thanks Jim!

I submitted the vehicle number to British Motor Industry Heritage Trust. It took about a month and they found the build sheet for the car. They sent me this Certified Copy of of a Factory Record.

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The color and the options listed matched the car exactly. Boy what a relief! I had worried that restoration would have to begin without this information.

Next I wanted to get a replica stamped number plate for the car. I found an example of an original identification plate. This is the one I found. Notice it is etched with stamped numbers. Most of the ones for sale today are just painted.

I searched the internet until I found this http://mgaguru.com/mgtech/restore/rt107.htm.

It is a document that describes the different styles of number plates used over the years. The one that looked the best was from a fellow named Serge Vliegen. He offered an etched and stamped plate. It appeared to be the closest match to the original. So, I contacted him and ordered an identification plate.

See this link for ordering information http://www.car-identification-plate.eu/.

This is how it turned out.

Sorry about deleting the numbers, but until the car has been registered that information will be my little secret.