D. Rallycross Miata Project Update

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I have not been able to work on the Rallycross Miata much recently, but I did accomplish a few tasks.

I put a driver's seat that I performed a "foamectomy" on into my 00 EVO. Then I put my black hardtop on the car and went to an Autocross this past weekend to see if a helmet would fit under the top while driving in conditions similar to a Rallycross.

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My son and I drove the car and found that the seat should work well in the Rallycross car.

Next I bought some paint to spruce up a set of wheels. It was hard to choose a color, but we wanted something loud so Chevy Orange engine paint was our choice.

That orange should show up well in the mud and dust!

I decided that having the head refreshed was the best course of action since I knew the engine had some sort of valve problem. So, I removed the head and small bits from it to send it to Dover Cylinder Head. They reworked a Miata head last year for my son and had done a fine job on it, so I am using them again.

I also removed the two cam seals to be re-installed when the head work has been completed. The previous owner had just replaced them, the water pump and timing belt. Even the front and rear main engine seals are new.

The cylinder bores look great. I will take measurements to be sure, but there is no visible sign of wear.

The block cleaned up OK and it checked out level. Hopefully, it is ready for the head.

My neighbor who works in the area took the head to Dover today. Hopefully, it will be back later this week.

I took the door pillar covers off today and made the cutouts for the side strikers. Then I installed the side strikers and Frankenstein bolts to make ready for the hardtop.

I still have a transmission to replace in the Dakota before beginning the Rallycross Miata project in earnest. So, it may take a while to get back to this. I hope to be able to have the car running for a mid-December Rallycross.