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So, I pulled the trailer home from the hunting camp. I had replaced the old dry rotted tires a couple years ago with some "good" used trailer tires. They both were still inflated, so I just added air before the trip. I was concerned about how it would make the 45 mile trip, but it pulled smoothly without incident behind the F-250. The tail lights worked but I am not sure about the brake lights. Anyway it made it home in one piece.

The first big task was to clean it. The amount of algae and grime on it was horrible.

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I used some Clorox cleaner on it and it cleaned up nicely. However, most of the paint also came off with the cleaning.

I did not know these old markings were on the trailer until after it was cleaned.

It also surprised me that this decal on the front had a notation of the Ashburn GA plant on it. I thought that plant was not built until later than 1965.

These survived on both sides of the trailer.

Then I parked it under my pole barn. It will be its home while under destruction and construction.