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Evolution Orange


My son found one! He called me recently and asked how much cash I had on hand. He had found an Evolution Orange 2000 Miata LS for sale. He was mostly concerned that I would go buy the car before he could!

He purchased the car that day and I helped him get it home. This is the first stop we made, so I took the opportunity to take a couple of pictures.

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That is a good looking car!

The transmission and clutch were the only things we could find that the car needed. The shift from first to second would grind at higher rpm on the up shift so we decided the syncronizer was bad. I found a 5 speed transmission locally and purchased it so we can have more time to rebuild the original one. I will post about the rebuild if we try doing it.

The clutch was old with about 130,000 miles and we wanted to replace transmission and engine seals and engine mounts as we had done on all our Miatas so we immediately started working on the car.

We pulled the engine and transmission as a unit. With the engine and transmission out, cleaning them and the engine bay is easy.

Once it was clean, the new rear main engine seal and the new OEM clutch were installed. I already had a freshly ground flywheel on the shelf which made this a quick swap once the new pilot bearing was pressed. I will have the one that was removed ground and ready for the next car.

Then the replacement transmission was mated to the engine. Engine mounts and an oil change was added while the engine was out. This is the engine just before installation in the car.

My son bought these wheels for the car.

This is how the car looks now ready to take a road trip.

Wow! What a pretty car!!! I need to get back to work on mine.