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Door Bumpers

While we have been working on Matt's engine and supercharger install, his door got scratched at the bottom by the lift. I have been worried something like this could happen, but had not come up with an idea how to fix it. The fix would have to not interfere with the operation of the jack and be out of the way enough to allow access into car doors.

Today, I started trying door bumper ideas to see if anything I could imagine would work. This is what I did.

I did not want to drill any new holes or weld to any of the lift parts to attach bumpers. That was limiting the ideas I had on how to make bumpers. I used the jack handle from my press as a prop and held it in many different locations around the arms of the lift. I finally found a location that held the most promise.

I felt I could use two of the bolts attaching the arm locks to hold a bracket with a pipe welded to it. Then I could use water noodles as bumpers on the pipes.

I took a piece of angle from an old bed frame and marked off four 6" sections. Then I drilled 11/16" holes to match the arm lock attachment spacing.

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Next I cut the sections and cut angles on the corners.

A little work at the grinder to round out the cut angles and smoothing with the wire brush cleaned up the brackets.

I cut four 24" pieces of old tent posts that match the diameter of 1/2" EMT conduit. These pipes were welded to the angle brackets.

A little black appliance paint made them look pretty decent.

They bolted on easily.

The 4' noodles were $1 each from the local dollar store. I cut them in half and slid them onto the pipes.

Wallah! Door bumpers!