2014 Dynatorch SCCA Southeast National Challenge

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2014 Dynatorch SCCA

Southeast National


My son Matt and I competed in the 2014 Dynatorch SCCA Southeast National Challenge Rallycross on 06/07 and 06/08/2014 that was held at Hollytree, Alabama. We had a great time.

The area had gotten rain on the day before the event and was a muddy mess at the beginning. It also rained over night and caused the track to be even muddier the second day. One front wheel drive car got stuck on the parade lap due to the mud.

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Here is Matt and I upon arrival.

I did not do well at all. I won the honor of being the first car to run the course on the first day. I warned them the ruts I left would most likely lead others astray. Well, I missed the first gate at the first turn on the morning runs and the second gate at the second turn on the afternoon runs. So, I was 20 seconds behind without being slow. I never recovered and ended up last in the class. I guess someone has to be last!

Matt won our class in Stock Rear Wheel Drive (SR) with the Rallycross Miata we built.

Here is a link to the results. http://teamtac.org/archive/2014/rallyx/rallyxnational_final.htm

When I got home, I cleaned off about two five gallon buckets of mud from the car. Most was stuck under it. That was some sticky stuff!

The event was well run and everyone was having fun. Again, we had a great time.

Now we are preparing for the local Rallycross event at MGA Region to be held in Byron, GA this weekend. Hope to see you there.