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Engine Installation

I decided to install the engine today if I could get the flywheel ground. The previous owner had apparently swapped the clutch, but used some form of sanding process on the flywheel. It was not a flat surface.

The local shop agreed to do it while I waited. I also took another flywheel I had on the shelf so I can have one ready the next time I need one.

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I pressed a new bearing in and installed the flywheel and clutch. I used a crow bar to hold the flywheel while I torqued the bolts.

Then I bolted the transmission to the engine and torqued the bolts.

I pulled the car up onto ramps in the front, jacked the back up and placed it on jack stands. Now I had room to work under the car and to let the transmission tilt back far enough to install it mounted to the engine.

An engine hoist with an engine leveler is a must.

I carefully installed the engine into the bay. It took a little longer since I was alone. Roger would have come to help, but he has to replace his timing belt this week. So, I decided to try this alone. It did not seem to be too big of a challenge since I have the correct tools.

I have already learned to mount the bracket and engine mount onto the passenger's side of the engine. I left the driver's side bracket and mount off the engine. Once the passenger's side was in the mounting slot on the frame I put the nut on loosely. Then I Installed the power plant bolts into the transmission loosely. Next I installed the driver's side bracket and mount. With all the mounts loose, the engine was maneuvered to allow the final bolts to be installed. I lowered the engine and tightened all the bolts.

With the engine in and bolted down I started re-installing all the other parts. It took me about eight hours to get the engine and most of the parts installed. I still have the clutch cylinder, the drive shaft and exhaust to finish. I also still have to put the oil into the transmission.

I installed the 2001 exhaust manifold instead of the original California exhaust. I have already installed the rear bung on the mid-pipe and moved the wiring for the O2 sensors.

When I installed the manifold, I just started the nuts so the manifold was loose to move. Then I installed the EGR tube leaving it loose on both sides but all the nuts started. Next I installed the down pipe and nuts. The down pipe is supported by a long mounting bolt that attaches it to the bell housing. With all the nuts loose, it was much easier to install this bolt.

I then tightened and torqued the manifold nuts, the down pipe nuts and mounting bolt.

Last I tightened the EGR nuts being careful not to over tighten the two small ones. They can break! I think Roger told me that for some reason.

I will need a few more parts to get it running, but I can finish in only a couple of hours.