C. Restoration Begins

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2000 Miata LS

Restoration Begins

Restoration began January 7, 2013. I cleaned the engine compartment to keep me as clean as possible while working on the car. I try to keep the engine compartments in all my vehicles clean. Working on a clean car is a pleasure and allows me to work on the car with my bare hands.

I then spent a couple of hours taking things loose on the damaged section.

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Then I started removing metal parts that are spot welded together. I used a spring loaded center punch, then a 3/16” drill to make a pilot divot. Then I used a 3/8” drill to make the hole larger while not going through both pieces. Finally I took a large screw driver and used it as a chisel to break the welds on the first piece. Then I realized a wood chisel makes it easier to pop the welds. Sometimes I just need to stop and think instead of blindly plowing ahead.

I took lots of pictures so later I will be able to see where and how things were mounted. I can look at another car, but having the pictures is more security especially for those hard to see areas.

These brackets will be identifiable later since I have a picture showing which side they came from. The small bracket below could be hare to decide how to mount, but hopefully I will get it right after reviewing the picture.