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NOTICE: Yahoo is trying to hold my pictures ransom that we use here on the blog. So, we are going to create a proper website and drop Yahoo all together. If you access a page on the blog before we get done, some or all the pictures may not appear. However, they will all be back once we finish with creation of the new site. The Mostly MIATA name and mostlymiata.net address will then get you to the new site. Sorry for any inconvenience.


1999 Miata LS with blown engine

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Almost finished! An orange hardtop and some orange accents are all that is needed now.


This is the final result and after fixing a broken hardtop to use full time for Rallycross. The car has made it through a year of monthly Rallycross events and is still running strong. My son Matt even one our class in the Dynatorch SCCA SE National Challenge running this car.