L. Frame Rail Straightening Part #5

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Frame Rail Straightening

Part #5

The orange Miata is home! She has been at the frame shop for a few weeks to finish straightening the front rails. Obviously, I would have never gotten it right since it took the professional shop a while to get it worked out.

They apparently had to pull and bend it at the same time to keep it from twisting. Once they straightened the rails, they installed the front panel replacement parts. They also hung the fenders, bumper and hood to make sure everything fit.

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Thanks to Mike Cottrell at Sentry Body and Paint in Lilburn, GA. He took on the job of straightening the rails for me. It took them quite a bit more work than they expected to make the adjustments since the driver’s side rail was twisting as they pulled on it. But they kept working on it and got it where all the parts fit pretty well.

Thanks Mike for making it work out. Again, I could not have possibly gotten it to this stage without your help.

Mike can be reached at 770-279-2386. Sentry Body and Paint is located at 4284 Lilburn Industrial Way, Lilburn, GA 30047. Their web ad is at http://localgads.com/sentrybody/

I still have a few small things to do before painting the replaced parts in the engine bay. Hopefully, those tasks are within my skill level.

Now my work really begins!