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Parts Cleaning

I cleaned up some of the parts today to prepare for the getting the replacement engine together.

I started with cleaning the old engine and transmission.

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Then I cleaned the intake. It had a few issues. Someone had used gasket sealer on the intake and getting it off the engine was a chore. Also the mating surface had to be cleaned with a razor blade.

It took a while, but I finally got the old gasket material off.

I separated the two halves of the intake and cleaned the halves inside and out.

I used some Gunk Gel engine cleaner and a few brushes to get the crud out. Then I used some MAF cleaner and a wire to finish cleaning the passages out.

The intake cleaned up pretty good. Most of the caked on stuff came out.

My neighbor picked up the head today. It looks great.

I removed the transmission from the old engine and cleaned out the bell housing area, lightly re-greased the throw-out bearing and shifter arm.

The clutch was worn, but not completely gone. However, the flywheel and the pressure plate was hot spotted, so I will use the ones I bought when picked up the engine. I may look for a new clutch later especially if we install the supercharger in this car.

The replacement block looked good in the cylinders but I took some measurements to check for any issues and to use as a reference later. I took all the measurements twice. I only wrote down the numbers below the decimal point.

They differ, but the difference in the numbers in each set is what I needed. I see no issues based on a quick look at the taper and roundness of each cylinder bore. This block only has 72,000 miles on it.

I will be working on putting the engine back together tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be ready for installation into the car by the end of the day.