Danmar Max Jax Lift Part I

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Danmar Max Jax


Part I

I have been wanting to buy a lift for the garage for several years now. My garage has only a 10' ceiling and most of the lifting I need to do is from a mid-sized pickup down so the Danmar Max Jax lift was my choice.

Today, I purchased a Danmar Max Jax Lift at Summit Racing. I was able to pick it up since I live close to their McDonough Georgia warehouse.

They loaded it onto my car trailer with a forklift at the warehouse. It rode home just fine.

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Once I got it home, I had to find a way to unload it. I do have a strong arbor that will fit around the trailer, but picking it up would have required some additional rigging. So, my wife suggested taking it off the trailer in parts. That turned out to be the best way to tackle the task.

When we got to the two columns I used some jacks and wood blocks to hold the parts so they could be unbolted from the angle iron frames at each end of the package.

Then I found the wheels and mounted them to the columns.

My wife then suggested using the car ramps and roll them off the trailer. I was able to insert the safety bars for handles into the top holes in the columns and roll them down the ramps on the back of the trailer.

As my son would say "EASY-PEASY".

After it was unloaded, I started to inventory the parts. I did find several hose fittings missing so I called Danmar. I did not get the fellow's name who answered, but he was very helpful and knew which parts I was describing using the manual. He gave me an order number and said the parts would go out today! I appreciate great customer service! Thanks Danmar.

I will work on putting the parts together tomorrow. I also have to secure a hammer drill and the correct bits. My neighbor has a drill, but he may not have the bits needed.

I also have to get the Scirocco we are working on back together enough to roll it out of the garage bay to allow room to install the lift. Then we can start using the lift.

More to come.