E. Ford 4000 Fuel Tank Replacement

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The leaking fuel tank needed immediate attention. Not only is it a fire hazard, it can be very expensive due to the high cost of diesel fuel. So, I ordered a new tank.

Since the tank cover had to come off to replace the fuel tank, the dash also got several repairs. Nothing on the dash including the instrument cluster worked anyway. See F. Ford 4000 Dash Repair .

The tank has two bolts in the front, two bolts in the rear and one bolt on the bottom.

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The tank was now removed.

The PTO seal is bad too so, I removed the PTO cover and the seal. The PTO outer bearing feels good and the clips are still in place.

Someone had put the seal in backwards. I wonder who did that? The seal had 16189 stamped into it. I will try to get one localy, or order one at the end of the project.

Tomorrow I will work on the brake shaft and some of the parts are supposed to be delivered. See D. Ford 4000 Brake Pedals and Shaft Repair .

On Thursday 09/22/2016 I spent most of the day working on the brake shaft. The details are on the brakes page. But, the new fuel tank and some other parts arrived later in the afternoon. I was curious and somewhat nervous about how the new tank would fit. The brake shaft would have to wait until the tank was mounted.

First I had to install the new fuel cutoff valve I had purchased to replace the one in the old tank. I made sure to align the new valve in the new tank at the same orientation as the old valve in the old tank. I used some Permatex thread sealer on the NTP fitting.

Then I positioned the tank and installed one bolt in the front of the tank to hold it up.

The bottom holes and the rear holes did not line up. They were pretty far off.

I placed the tank cover over the tank and put a couple bolts in it to hold it where it in place. The new tank could be moved around under the cover to a position that the filler neck fit. It fit well enough to allow clearance for the fuel cap to be installed without rubbing the cover. The front and rear bolt holes still were not going to reach their mounts.

So I needed to make brackets to span the gaps. I made paper templates for the brackets and placed them over the gaps. I rubbed my fingernail over the holes to make an impression in the paper for each hole.

Then I made the brackets from 1/8" steel plate. The paper templates were laid over the steel to center punch the hole locations. The holes were drilled to 5/16". The brakets fit great and hold the tank firmly.

With the tank was securely mounted, I removed the tank cover so I can install the fuel gauge sending unit and attach the fuel line to the tank.

This is how the new tank looks without the cover.

On Friday 09/23/2016 I connected the fuel line to the new tank. I also planned to install the fuel sending unit, but wanted to test it before installing it. See F. Ford 4000 Dash Repair

After making sure the fuel gauge worked, I installed the new fuel sending unit.

On 09/27/2016 I was near Wade Tractor and Equipment, the local New Holland dealer in Griffin Georgia, so I stopped by and purchased a new PTO seal and PTO housing gasket. Of course, when I got back home, the one I had ordered on the interweb was in the mailbox. Oh well, I need to keep one on the shelf anyway.

It only took a few minutes to install the new seal.

Now everything is done except the brake pedals and brake shaft. New bushings should be here tomorrow. Yeah!

The bushings did arrive on 09/28/2016 and I installed the brake pedals and shaft. See D. Ford 4000 Brake Pedals and Shaft Repair . Then I installed the hydraulic oil into the case.

I waited until the next morning to try out the new lift. On 09/29/2016 I found the new PTO seal was leaking oil badly.

So, I had to remove the hydraulic oil again and install another new seal. Good thing I had the second one already.

Turns out the dummy who installed the first new seal had snagged it somehow and created the problem during installation.

I guess I will have to be more careful in the future!

Two hours later the oil was back in and I could use the tractor.