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NOTICE: Yahoo is trying to hold my pictures ransom that we use here on the blog. So, we are going to create a proper website and drop Yahoo all together. If you access a page on the blog before we get done, some or all the pictures may not appear. However, they will all be back once we finish with creation of the new site. The Mostly MIATA name and address will then get you to the new site. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I got a Boykin Spaniel for a companion and hunting dog. Her call name is ZZ which is short for the Mazda slogan "Zoom-Zoom". She has become the best dog I have ever owned. I am trying to train her myself to retrieve and earn hunting dog titles.

These are pictures when she was only a week old.

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Here she is with my oldest son Justin when we picked her up for the ride home to Georgia.

We stopped for lunch and left her in the seat. But she could smell the burgers and climbed up to get her share. Of course we picked her up in a Miata!

Here she is meeting her new Mom. The "No dogs allowed in the house" rule changed right here. Guess where she stays now! And the old dog is living in the house now too!

Here she is posing for her picture for AKC registration request paperwork.

Here she is getting ready for a ride in the boat.

Here she is with Mom at a CBSRC field trial. She did not win anything that day.

The "Boykin Sprawl" which she now knows as the command "Duck".

Here she is on a long walk in the woods listening for squirrels. She actually found one at the end of this log after we sat for a while. She LOVES to chase squirrels!

Here she is dealing with her first experience with the female curse. The pose she is in is known to her as the command "Bang".

So far, this little brown dog (LBD) loves to do everything I do or want her to do.

Here I will post our progress and equipment that I build to help us along. I am having a great time working and playing with her.