Headlight Restoration

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Headlight Restoration

The headlight lenses on the Rallycross Miata were so cloudy you could barely see the bulbs through the lenses. Not that we need the lights to run Rallycross, but they were very ugly.

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We had used a polishing kit on our other Miatas, but they seem to get cloudy more quickly than we expected.

At our last Autocross, a visitor told us about the kit he had used called Crystal View. He said his had been restored for over a year and his lenses looked like new on his 1999 Miata Sport. So, I purchased a headlight restoration kit from http://www.crystalviewchemicals.com/ to see how well it would work.

This kit does require sanding the damaged layer off the lens as did the polishing kit. But instead of polishing, the Crystal View Chemicals kit uses a chemical to seal the lens. Two applications of the sealer and once dry the lenses looked great. Everything needed comes in the kit. Mine was $23.96 shipped.

I took the headlight assemblies out of the car to make the process easier. Matt was over, so he put on some gloves and started working on the lenses. He did all the hard work. Our lenses did not look quite as good as new after we finished due to some nicks and scratches.

The difference is clear to see.

Again, not like new, but they did look like they were only a couple of years old and the lenses were very clear. I hope they stay that way!