J. Tuning Progress for M62 Supercharger

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Tuning Progress


M62 Supercharger

We have fixed the issues we had with the engine starting and running so we have been able to focus on the tune. Tuning is going well now that Ken Hill has been helping us.

We had limited boost to about 5 psi while we were still sorting out some problems. This past weekend we started making logs while adding more and more boost.

The boost alarm was moved up to 10 psi and a log was made. The AFRs looked good and we had no indications of knock.

Then we moved the boost alarm up to 15 psi and made another log. Again, good AFRs and no indication of knock.

So, we removed the boost alarm and made a log at wide open throttle (WOT) with awesome results! We hit 17.2 psi at 6500 rpm with good AFRs and no knock. Wow, over 17 psi! That is great.

Now we have to do some fine tuning and make final adjustments to all the hardware.

  • We need to smooth the transition into boost since we have a little stumble when running without load just below boost.

  • We may be able to get a little more boost with a conical air filter so we may try that.

  • We also may be able to make more power by adding back some of the timing.

Matt will make those decisions and work with Ken Hill to finish out the tune.

I am proud that we made it to this point and accomplished many of Matt's goals. I learned a lot and got to work with Matt which was my goal for the project. We make a pretty good team!

Thanks and have fun Matt!

Update 10/16/2016

We have not posted much lately on the tuning progress. Life had gotten in the way. Too many other commitments to stay focused on tuning. However, we have been making slow progress.

We had to find an exhaust leak that was keeping us from listening for knock. It seemed to be on the passenger side. Matt found it. The mechanic who installed the EGR tube did not tighten the bolts. I should be more careful. One bolt had fallen out and the other was very loose. Black soot on everything. But, easy fix.

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We had a CEL for random misfire of cylinder number four. That went away when we tightened the spark plug properly. The mechanic should have torqued the spark plugs to begin with. The mechanic must have been over worked to miss that. We need to be careful not to overwork the mechanics in the future.

There is an issue with the electrical system at night. With the headlights and AC running, the voltage will drop too much when the new fuel pump and both Spal fans come on. Again, that is only at night so far. So, Matt plans to add a larger alternator and some larger wiring to minimize the voltage drop.

The fuel maps are looking good to me but there is still some fine tuning to be done. Also, timing is slowly being added to back. The logs made at WOT are consistently showing over 17 psi of boost. The highest number yet has been 17.46 psi. Awesome!

Thanks again to Ken Hill. He has been helping us get the tune right. I am impressed with his tuning skills. We would not have been nearly as successful on our own.