A. Required Repairs

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2005 Jeep Wrangler

TJ Unlimited

Required Repairs

The previous owners told me of the issues they had recently addressed which is why I think they sold the Jeep. They had recently replaced the OPDA and cam sensor, the starter, the king pins and bearings and a several other parts. But even though they had replaced some parts, several of the issues were still present.

They told me, it is throwing a ignition code related to the cam sensor when cold. They had added a shim under the cam sensor mounting bolt to space the sensor out some. That had allowed the code to only come when it is cold instead of constantly. It goes into limp mode when the code is thrown. So, He gave me an old code reader to reset the PCM should it throw the code.

From the test drive, I knew the front wheels had a significant wobble. They told me they had changed many of the front suspension and steering parts to try and fix the wheel wobble in the front end. I suspected the aftermarket wheels and larger tires could have a lot to do with the wobble. The wheels did not have the original backspace so the tires protruded and allowed mud and water to be sprayed all over the sides.

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There was also some driveline vibrations coming through the steering wheel along with the wheel wobble. Changing the king pins and other steering parts had not fixed the tire wobble problem.

I also noticed right off that it had bad front and rear pinion seals.

They told me the transmission had been replaced a about 69K. I am not sure why it was replaced, but I know the 42RLE automatic transmissions can have problems with hard shifting which is contolled by the PCM. It shifted just fine with the OEM PCM still in the vehicle.

I plan to change the PCM with a WranglerFix PCM as a preventative maintenance issue. I will keep the OEM one as a backup.

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