Borla Muffler Installation

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Borla Muffler


I bought the Borla muffler that had been on my friend Roger's car when he had the supercharger. Roger had removed it in favor of another system for his turbocharger and asked me if I wanted it. So, I bought it.

I put it on the car in about 45 minutes. It took longer to make the cutout in the bumper cover for the second tailpipe than the actual installation took.

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The WD-40 makes getting the rubber supports loose very easy. The two bolts had been removed when the cat. and mid-pipe was changed just after I got the car so they came off easily also.

It looks great!

While the part description for the muffler said it was the "Quiet" muffler, it is not quiet. As Roger said, his dogs could hear him coming a block away. I told my friends this is "anti-stealth". You will not sneak up on anyone with this on the car.

I am not sure I want the extra noise. I have decided to give it a while to see if it grows on me. If it does not, I will remove it and go back to the stock unit.

Time will tell!