MSM Shocks and Springs Install

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Shocks and Springs


The OEM shocks on my 00 SE were worn out and allowed the car to rock and sway during acceleration, braking and turning.

I purchased some 75000 mile MSM shocks and springs from a craigslist ad in August of 2014. I also made a new friend named Bruce when I picked them up. They were a set Bruce had removed when he upgraded to coil over shocks and springs.

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I installed them on my 00 SE.

They ride stiffer than the suspension on my 99 AE, but they seem to ride OK. Now the car feels more under control and does not rock and sway.

I will try them for a while and see how they do.

Update 09/19/2014

Well, I traded four old OEM rims with worn out tires for another set of MSM shocks and springs.

These I put on the 00 EVO since the OEM shocks were worn out.

Update 04/27/2016

I finally got tired of bumping down the road. The MSM suspension was too stiff for daily driving and longer trips. So, I decided to try the MSM Bilsteins with the OEM springs that came on my 00 EVO.

I know, you are not supposed to do this since the valving is different. But I figured I would try it and see if I like the result. Otherwise, I have to buy new shocks and go back to the OEM springs. So, I started swapping the springs off the worn out OEM shocks and the MSM springs on the Bilsteins.

First the spring compressors were attached.

Then the springs were compressed.

The top hats were removed.

Next the same for the MSM shocks.

Finally the springs were removed.

There was only one rear bump stop (the red one) still partially intact. However, the front bump stops (the yellow one) from both sets were still good.

So, Guess what I did. I put some front bump stops on the rear shocks.

I am not sure how that will work out either, but I can always change them later if it does not work out.

Now all I have to do is install them.

So far, so good! I really like the softer ride.