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1990 Serro Scotty 265

Interior Remodeling

Interior Decorating

This camper was built over 25 years ago and the interior decor is outdated. My wife, Gina, did the interior remodeling and helped me with some of the interior repairs. She is keen on how the final result will look while I am mostly concerned about function. If it functions, I am OK with leaving it. But Gina wants it to look as good as possible along with functioning well. Gee, it seems like that is how we have managed everything for the past 43 years!

The first thing that had to go was the curtains. Then the window and door valances. The previous owner's wife had already bought some new curtain panels but had not installed them. Gina was able to use the new curtains to cover all the windows.


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I had a microwave oven in my old Scotty that was almost new. We installed it in the cabinet above the vent hood. It was pretty easy. We just removed the cabinet door and hinges, made a surround from some 1/4" plywood and used some wood strips to hold it in place. The outlet was already installed in the adjacent cabinet. The surround will get some tacks to hold it in. I will probably add a vent to the right side of the surround to allow some air flow.

Two light fixtures and all the switch covers were starting to rust. They were all painted with some textured paint and reinstalled.



The light bulbs were several different sizes and all were 12v bulbs. The one above was one I had never seen before. I ordered replacements from lightbulbs.com. They even had the globe type bulbs for the bathroom vanity light fixture at a reasonable price.

The power supply had one ATM fuse installed in an ATC socket and I had blown a fuse on one of the lighting circuits while changing a bulb. I got some new 15A ATC fuses and made sure all bad ones were replaced.

I also installed a new boosted HDTV antenna on the mast. We do not have enough signal here to try it out. That will have to wait until we go camping somewhere that has some signal. There was no 12v supply to the wall switch for the TV antenna booster. I also traced the 12v feed to the outdoor antenna amplifier back to the power supply. It was not connected to an active fused slot. I moved it to an unused slot and installed a fuse.

The large drawer under the the kitchen table seat was off the track. It had worn a deep hole in the seat face allowing it to not work properly. I replaced the wood and fixed the track to allow the drawer to work again. I think one of the drawers under the sink may need the same attention.