Danmar Max Jax Lift Part II

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Danmar Max Jax


Part II

I bought a hammer drill from Harbor Freight and a set of SDS concrete drills. The set did not include a 7/8" drill, so I ordered two 7/8" SDS drills from Ebay. I had to wait until Saturday for them to arrive.

While I was waiting on the drills and the missing parts to arrive from Danmar, I drew a scale drawing to determine what distance to set the columns apart. I settled on 125" backside to backside of the mounts since that seems to fit my Miatas and Dakota pickup. But when I started measuring in the garage, I decided to use 120" instead to leave enough room to walk around the columns. This left 94" between the front of each column mounting plate.

I then popped a chalk line across the floor and drew lines to align the rear of each base. Next I positioned each post and marked the hole locations for drilling.

The missing hose quick disconnect fittings arrived on Friday and the drills arrived on Saturday. So, I was able to proceed with mounting the columns.

I used 1/4" drill to make a pilot hole first, then the 5/8" drill and finally the 7/8" drill to finish each hole. The anchors were installed as instructed using the extra long bolt, a nut and washer.

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Once all the anchors were in, the columns bolted to the floor. It took one shim under each bolt along one side to level each column.

We worked on the Scirocco the rest of the weekend and got it running Sunday evening. While there is still some work to be done such as rear suspension replacement, the work will be easier using the lift. So, we moved the Scirocco out of the bay to allow for setting up and testing of the lift.

On Monday morning I attached the hoses to the fittings on the columns. I did not like the hoses sticking up at an angle from the floor which put pressure on the fittings attached to the cylinder and created a tripping hazard. So, I went to the local hardware store and purchased some 3/8" pipe and assorted fittings to allow the hoses to be installed close and parallel to the floor.

I then filled the pump reservoir with Dextron III, hooked up the hoses and bled the air out of the cylinders per the instructions. I found one small leak on the pump.

The fitting was supposed to have an O-ring under the nut and washer, but the O-ring was missing. I made a call to Danmar to order the correct O-ring and confirm that O-ring I had on hand could be used temporarily.

All that was left was to lift a car. My Evo was close by, so it got the first ride.

While the Evo was on the lift, I noticed a few small things that needed attention. There was a small leak on the transmission drain plug, a screw on the front apron loose and a plastic fastener missing in the wheel well.

Who would have known the first test of the lift would also result in the first completed job?

I keep an old roll around desk chair in the garage. I lowered it to it's lowest setting and it can be used under the car. I will try using it before buying one.

Also, I may want to spread the columns further. The arms were not extended but about 1/2" each. That will have to wait on some additional anchors.

Now we can get back to the Scirocco. The MGA in the background is also on deck!



We have used the lift enough times to better understand it now. The most difficult part of raising a vehicle is getting it positioned properly. I had suspended a tennis ball on a string above the center line of the lift, but that was not working as planned.

So, I added some painted stripes to the floor. I used the red chalk line down the center to align the stripes. Then I used blue painters tape and sprayed flat white Rustoleum paint. They are spaced for a Miata specifically, but they can be used to position any vehicle.

The tick marks are where the Miata's rear axle is set so the lift arms will be positioned correctly.