ZE. Carpet Removal and Cleaning

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I removed the carpet today for cleaning. I did not realize it at first, but I had to remove the heater core assembly to get the carpet out. I probably should have done better research.

The heater core assembly was held in by three nuts and a clamp to the A/C evaporator. Also it had a couple of wiring harness clips attached to it. The heater hoses were already removed, so the tubes slipped out of the firewall easily.

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The carpet had a few plastic fasteners holding it down. The two black ones had Phillips sockets which I did not notice until breaking the first one trying to pry it out. The two outside kick panels also were removed. The carpet was free once the fasteners and the kick panels were removed.

I used Purple Power cleaner and a pressure washer to clean the carpet. Then I placed it upside down on two sawhorses to drip dry. It took two days to dry.

I also found a hole in the floor pan on the driver’s side that was apparently caused by a sharp object. It had also pierced the carpet. I hammered it closed and sealed it with some JB Weld putty.

The carpet has been re-installed after cleaning. Re-installation of the dash is next!