L. Rallycross Miata Paint Detailing

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Rallycross Miata


Paint Detailing

The paint on the Rallycross Miata needed a little TLC. The hood was the worst need, but it was not too bad. The rest of the car was looking pretty good already.

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I followed the same process I posted for all my other cars. I buffed with a clear coat safe rubbing compound, polishing compound then applied a cleaner wax.

I did learn one thing while buffing the car. It sure helps to have the car elevated. I spent a lot less time bent over. Some of the time, I was even able to sit in a chair while buffing.

The car looks great for what it is going to be used for!

I also made a tag for the car since it will not be licensed. I used an old license plate that I painted Chevy Orange to match the wheels.

I cut out each letter with an hobby knife. The message had to be Mostly Miata!

Later we will add some Chevy Orange vinyl rocker panel stripes if we can find some to match.