F-250 Exhaust Down Pipe Upgrade

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Exhaust Down Pipe


I had purchased a larger down pipe to install on the diesel several years ago, but never got around to installing it. Since my fuel mileage had dropped significantly, I decided to install the down pipe as a first attempt at upgrades to improve the fuel mileage.

It took me a while, but I found the down pipe on a shelf still in it's original shipping box. I looked over the instructions and began to clear the top of the engine so I could remove the OEM down pipe.

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The first thing I noticed was fuel in the engine valley.

That was not a good sign. As I removed the old down pipe, I took note of what was leaking so I could address it too. See the Fuel Leak entry for more details.

I used a saws-all to cut the OEM down pipe into two pieces for removal. The pinch weld on the firewall needed to be bent out of the way for the new larger pipe to clear. So, I used a hydraulic spreading tool to push it back. The new pipe fit well and was easy to connect once the clearance issue was fixed.

Now, on to the fuel leak.