F-250 TS Performance 6 Position Chip

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TS Performance

6 Position Chip

In my quest to improve power and fuel economy, I also decided to put a piggyback chip on the ECU. The one I purchased was a TS Performance 6 Position Chip from advancediesel.net. It offers six different tunes you select upon purchase. I only chose 5 so one position can be used to disable the truck.

This install requires removal of the OEM ECU and some work on it to allow for proper connection to the piggyback chip.

Removal requires access to the front mounting nuts and large electrical connector on the firewall.

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So, removal of the fender liner is first. Several interior bits had to be removed to allow easy access to the ECU.

The unit removes easily once the unit is loose.

The contacts on the rear of the board must be cleaned since they are covered in lacquer. I was very careful not to damage the board. That would be a disaster since another one would be expensive.

There is a control switch harness that must be trained into the ECU and connected to the new board. I mounted the switch just under the steering column so it is out of sight but accessible.

Re-installation of the ECU was straight forward and easy to accomplish.

Now all that is left is testing the settings to see which tune I like best.



I have driven many miles now with the piggyback ECU. The tune I use the most is the first level tune which is about 60 hp above the stock tune. However, what it does do is allow the boost to come on much sooner and stay up higher at lower rpm. So, this tune is the one I use the most.

Fuel mileage without towing is about 19 mpg with this tune. Fuel mileage while towing the Rallycross Miata is about 16 mpg.

On a rare occasion, I will move up one level long enough to pull a tall hill when towing. However, it does not seem to add that much. I still have never tried the strongest of the tunes since there has not been a need.

I am satisfied for now.