U. Bodywork Part #1

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Evolution Orange

2000 Miata LS

Bodywork Part #1

I had to piece together some of the body parts for the Evolution Orange Miata. The Parts Group had already begun to part the car so many of the parts are from other cars. So, I have green, mahogany mica, silver and red parts to paint. All the off colored parts will be painted in obscure areas to match the original orange parts.

The driver's side door was the first part I decided to work on. I want the paint job to be as original as possible, so I removed all the parts I could from the door to allow the door interior to be painted. I took plenty of pictures to assist me with installing them later. This is a picture for reference before removing any parts except the window glass.

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The outside sill weather stripping had to be removed first. It was held at each end by plastic fasteners and along its length by four plastic clips. The window glass was removed next. It is held in by several bolts that can be accessed once the window is raised about 8" above the sill. I did that before starting removal and unplugged the door electrical connector from the car being careful it could not be crushed by the door.

The door handles were removed next. There were clips holding the control rods from both handles that are easily unsnapped for rod removal. The extra pictures are to help me remember how the rods were positioned.

The door latch was also removed.

Next I removed a metal access plate and a foam sound damper.

The window motor and regulator was removed next. I had a hard time deciding how to get it out. Finally, I decided to remove the bolt holding the vent window support at the bottom of the door and slip the two control cables under the end of the support. That allowed me to get the motor out with the drive channel. I had to lower the top of the drive channel close to the bottom of the door to get the upper cable low enough to fit under the support.

Next I removed the rubber weather stripping surrounding the outside of the door. It was held in place with small plastic inserts. They were located adjacent to the small holes that can be seen on the side of the rubber. I used a small flat screwdriver to pry each fastener in one direction and reached in the door and pushed them the other direction with a finger or a tool to release them. I did not tear any parts by being very careful with each fastener. I left the weather stripping on the vent window section.

All the plastic inserts I could get out were removed. I took a picture of each for locating them correctly later.

I even pulled this sticker off and will reapply it if it will stay on after the painting is done.

This is what the door looked like when I was done. I will put a small piece of tape over the few inserts I decided not to remove.

Notice the weather stripping. It will be protected before painting.

Now I can remove the door and work on painting the inside of it.