Y. Bodywork Part #5

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Bodywork Part #5

The side skirts and some of the medallions had two sided tape to hold them to the car. The parts came off easily, but the tape was a different story.

Who would have thought that taking the gum and tape off a car would be such a chore?

It took me several hours of work to get the gum off once the foam pulled loose from the tape. I probably did not use the correct technique, but I did get it all off the car and the parts.

I first scraped the foam off the gum. This still left a thin layer of foam and the gum.

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I tried some 3M adhesive remover to help get the gum off. I tried spraying some on the gum and tried rubbing with a rag. That only made the gum smear all around making a larger area that needed cleaning.

I then tried scraping with a plastic tool after spraying. Little by little the spray would dissolve the gum. With the remover, it still took about five, or six times spraying the remover on and scraping the gum of. Some would come off each time.

Finally, all the gum was off!

I had to do the same thing to all the parts with tape and to the car where the parts had been attached. What a pain!

Sure wish I had a better way. However, now I have removed all the tape I am aware of that needs to be removed so progress is being made.