D. 1959 MGA Restoration Wing and Brakes Removal

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1959 MGA Restoration

Wing and Brake Removal

I took some pictures inside the car before I started removing parts. I wanted a reference to use once I forgot how things were attached. That does not take so long any more. I forget a lot of things.

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I first removed the right side front wing.

I found that the sill had been repaired in the past, but the repair was past it's prime. It was a makeshift repair of fiberglass over the rust rotten sill.

I will have to replace the sills completely on both sides as it turns out.

The car would barely roll since the rear brakes had seized. So, I removed the drums and brakes all the way around. The right rear drum was really stuck!

Now the car rolls much better. I still bought some car dollies to make moving the car around in the garage much easier.

I also removed the brake master cylinder. I was curious about it's condition, so I dismantled it. One of the pistons was stuck and I had to use a grease fitting and grease gun to get it out with pressure.

The cylinders are pitted and will have to be lined, or the master cylinder will be replaced.