M. Rallycross Miata Skid Plate

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I went by the local county road department and asked for a scrap sign to make a skid plate for the Rallycross Miata. They gave me this old curve warning sign.

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I decided to make the plate fit from just behind the plastic belly pan and across to the sub-frame cross bar. I cut the sign down to 15" wide by 17" long.

I used some self-tapping screws to attach it to the front of the sub-frame and the cross bar in the rear. Six screws across the front and three screws across the rear.

I took the skid plate off to make an access hole to drain the oil without taking the skid plate off. I think the hole will work just fine.

The skid plate clears the oil pan, but barely. Hopefully, it will add a level of protection.


The oil pan did rub against the skid plate during the first several rallycross events. So, I cut a strip of 1/4" aluminum extruded aluminum and drilled it to fit the rear skid plate attachment across the rear chassis brace. With it sandwiched in, the oil pan clears much better and should not rub the oil pan in the future.