Hardtop Painting Part #3

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Hardtop Painting

Part #3

I bought another hardtop today. I needed one to paint Evolution Orange.

Why are all the hardtops that are sold RED? All the hardtops I have bought have been red. Not really a problem, but why? I was once told that all Miatas were green. They must have been wrong!

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Anyway, this one has no defroster or insulation on the roof. It does have a couple of things I will change and or fix so it looks like my other ones.

The rubber seal around the back of the top had red paint on it. So, I used some lacquer thinner and a pen knife to remove it. Rubbing it with some thinner on a rag then scraping with the knife blade removed 99% of the paint. Now it looks good.

I also found a small crack on the passenger side corner at the door pillar. I used some epoxy to fill and glue the crack.

The rear black trim had cracked into three pieces and the corner trim pieces were missing, or broken so I ordered new parts to go back with. More expense, but I got the top at a good price.

There is also some minor paint chipping along the rear trim, but since the trim has been removed the paint can be sanded and feathered.

The two front latches do not catch as they should. I will have to fix them, but the side latches are working fine.

I will paint the top Evolution Orange when the car is painted so the paint should match better than doing it at a later date.