1978 Serro Scotty Camper Rebuild

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I have had an old Scotty camper for about 15 years. It has been at a hunting camp for most of those 15 years sitting under trees.

It was in usable shape when I got it, but over the years it has deteriorated. So, this year I have decided to rebuild it. When I say rebuild, I mean that it may not be considered a restoration since I plan to do it my way. That is, first priority will be safe and reliable operation on the road while towing. Next will be Original looking on the outside, a bed and air conditioning on the inside even though the inside it may not be rebuilt to its original layout.

I will first restore the frame and the shell.

I hope to salvage most of the original equipment, but condition and cost of replacement will help me decide what will be saved. As mentioned before, the priority for the inside is a bed and air conditioning.

I hope this project does not break the bank!

Update 07/28/2016

While sandblasting the frame, I uncovered the serial number. Based on how the number is created, this camper is actually a 1978 year model. Unless it was incorrectly marked at the factory, 1978 is the year this one was built.