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Miata #1

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My first Miata is a 2000 SE I bought in December of 2011 with about 75000 miles on it. The car was in nice shape and original except for an aftermarket intake. Since I wanted to run autocross in C Stock, I replaced the intake with a stock one. I ran it in autocross for the first time in February 2012. While I am not a very good driver, it is a lot of fun. Since then I have made several improvements to this car including adding a supercharger in December 2012.

Miata #2

The second Miata was a 2000 base unit. The car had over 230000 miles on it and was completely worn out with many mechanical issues. But, it was for sale cheap and I bought it thinking I would spare the SE the wear and tear of autocross and run this car once I revived it.

I had convinced my son to run my Miata SE in the March 2012 autocross to see how he liked it. He instantly became more competitive. So, during the restoration he decided he wanted the car. I sold him the car hoping he would abandon the VW. Now it is his daily driver and he is running it at autocross in C Stock but the VW is still around.

We did a lot of work to this car and learned a lot from those experiences. I think this is when my fever started. I am not really sure, but I do know I have made a lot of decisions recently based on want and not need. Never have I done that before!

My son sold this car on 09/20/2013. He had just bought Miata #6 below!

Miata #3

I purchased a 1999 LS with 150000 miles that had a blown engine. The engine had a baseball sized hole in the left side of the block at No. 3 cylinder. The car had been run without oil after the rear seal failed, unknown to the previous owners. I have replaced the engine with a 2001 VVT engine and now use the car regularly.

Now I need to sell her. I must recover my investment so I can restore the Evolution Orange Miata I just purchased. It will be put on Craigslist in the Atlanta area in April of 2013. This car is in excellent mechanical condition and was well kept but used by the previous owners. I will be sorry to see her go. That VVT engine is fun to drive.

The car sold on 5/31/2013 and will soon become an Exocet with a beast of a turbo according to the new owner. I hope he has a much fun with the car as I did with the car. I sure will miss that car. It was the smoothest running of all my Miatas.

The most recent update on this car was the new owner enjoyed how it drove so much, he found another donor for the Exocet and he has been using this car for a daily driver.

Miata #4

This is the Miata I bought that proved to my wife I am truly sick. It is a 1999 AE with 72000 miles. The second owner had it from 6000 miles until I bought it. It had been babied and garage kept during that time. Rarely was it driven in the rain. It has a few minor cosmetic issues with the paint from normal use and some light swirl scratches on the hood, but otherwise is almost in mint condition inside and out.

I plan to keep this car completely original except for minor changes that make it more suited to me. All improvements or changes I make to it will be reversible to original. This car will only be used for fair weather excursions in the future. I knew I had to have the car when I saw the advertisement. This was the most money I had ever spent on something I just wanted! (I am normally a really frugal person.)

Miata #5

This is the Miata of my dreams. I love this color! I found this 1999 LS in Evolution Orange in need of repairs and with average mileage. I will be picked it up on 01/03/2013. I finished the restoration on 09/18/2013.

Miata #6

My son found this Evolution Orange Miata 07/10/2013. He was lucky to get it. The seller had a lot of interested buyers for this car. It turns out that my son was able to get the money quickly so he got the car. However, one of my new friends (unknown to us at the time) wanted the car too but he could not get the money that day since his bank was closed and the owner took my son's offer later that afternoon.

This is how it looks with my black hardtop on it.

Miata #7

I bought this 1999 Miata LS with a blown engine on 10/29/2013 I plan to use it for Rallycross. It will need the same attention many of the other Miatas have needed. The first order of business will be to secure an engine. I may have that soon so stay tuned!

This is how she looks today at her first Rallycross on 01/26/2014.

I want a Mazda Speed or a Sunburst Yellow Miata next.

My wife thinks I should seek professional help!

Miata #8

I bought this 1992 Miata on 10/31/2014. It is my first NA and is the right color. It is sound mechanically. Other than some paint flaws and a few things that need to be fixed, it seems to be in great shape. I will post some of the work as I get to it.

The Sunburst YELLOW Miata was sold today 09/23/2015 after about one year of ownership. I have too many insurance bills to keep all of them insured when they get driven less than once or twice a month. So, instead of parking it, YELLOW was sold. I sure hated to part with that car! I hope the car will make the new owner happy for a long time.