A. Evolution Orange Miata Purchase

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Evolution Orange

2000 Miata LS


I brought home a damaged 2000 Miata LS in Evolution Orange January 3, 2013. It took all day to make the round trip to The Parts Group in Danville, Alabama. They had already begun to part the car, but agreed to sell me what was left and they were able to provide many of the parts already removed. THANKS to The Parts Group! (Check them out on the next page.)

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As you can tell in the pictures, there will be some work to do for a full restoration, but that is the plan. This car will someday be beautiful again! Did I mention that I love the color?

You can see the color differences but the entire car will be repainted Evolution Orange once all the parts are secured.

That is one of the red hardtops I purchased just after Christmas. It will too will be painted to match the car.

I will be picking up additional front end parts that are silver. Then I will have all the major parts necessary for the restoration. I am getting excited about starting the work!

On a sad note, I hate to, but I will have to part with my 1999 Miata LS with the 2001 VVT engine to pay for the Evolution Orange project. I have had a lot of fun with the car and will hate to see it go.