AEM F/IC6 Installation

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I had installed a Powercard to manage the boost when I first installed the Jackson Racing M45 supercharger in my 00 SE. It was running the car without issue but ran very rich according to the wideband AFR gauge. I was planning to install a smaller nose pulley on the supercharger to increase boost a couple of pounds and I had purchased an M62 supercharger kit for one of my Miatas. So, I wanted either a standalone ECU or a better piggyback ECU to manage the higher boost and a way to control timing to keep knock under control.

I decided to use the AEM 30-1910 F/IC6 (aka. FIC6 or FIC) since my friend Roger had installed one on his car when he removed his M45 and upgraded to a turbocharger. He used the F/IC6 with his M45 prior to removing it to learn how to program and tune with the F/IC6. It seemed like the best choice for me since I am not a tuner and would need hands on help with any ECU I used.

I purchased two F/IC6s, one in October 2014 for the M45 and one in December 2014 for use later on the M62. I also purchased two AEM harness extensions and wired them per the F/IC instructions.

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I found several helpful threads on how to connect the F/IC6. After looking at them all, I created a spread sheet so I could use it to help me check my connections and ensure the harness extensions were wired correctly.

The AEM harness extension had no labels on the wires or the connectors. I carefully identified and labeled the connectors Top, Middle and Bottom and ECU side and Harness side so I could correctly connect the F/IC6 harness. I also labeled each wire at the connection to assist in tracing them. That is very important! Do not overlook these steps.

Best practice for making the connections is to wire one sensor or injector at a time and test the harness in the vehicle each time. I did not do it this way, but did spend a lot of time tracing each wire multiple times.

I mounted the F/IC6 on the removable kick panel under the steering wheel. That allowed me to use the vacuum line I had already installed for the Powercard and easy access when needed.

The final installation looked good to me and fit under the dash without issue.

I like it!