BRP M62 Supercharger Install

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BRP M62 Hotside Supercharger


My son and I found and purchased a new still in the box BRP M62 supercharger kit from a member of on September 28, 2014. The seller explained that this kit was destined for a car back in 2004 or 2005 but somehow got put up on a shelf in his shop and was forgotten. He just happened to find it searching for something else and put it up for sale.

Matt really wanted the kit for himself, but since he did not have the cash at the time. I purchased it with the idea of swapping the Jackson Racing M45 supercharger on my 2000 SE. However, I did not install the M62 in 2014 since I was still trying to install the AEM FIC6 on the M45 and Matt wanted a chance to purchase it at a later date.

Well, almost two years later the M62 supercharger kit is now Matt's. His plan is to build an engine capable of over 200 hp that the kit is capable of delivering.

So, let the fun begin!

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