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Utility Trailer

My son and I use a covered aluminum utility trailer to carry our autocross tires and tools. However, we keep our autocross tires and tools in the trailer so it is always full and is not available for other use.

So, I bought a small utility trailer today. It is two years old, but looks like new. The previous owner obviously took very good care of it and he said he rarely had used it. The trailer pulled very well on the way home, even at expressway speeds.

It sure is a long way and a lot of traffic from Jackson to Kennesaw, Georgia and back!

The trailer originally came from Lowe's. It is a Carry-On trailer with about a 4' x 5' expanded metal floor. The floor will tilt for easy loading of a lawn mower or other rolling equipment. It has 12" tires so they are a little more road worthy than some smaller utility trailer tires. This trailer is the perfect size and weight to use behind the Miata.

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The Parts Group

I have already installed a trailer hitch on my SE and I will be installing hitches on the other two Miatas soon. The trailer fits well behind the Miata. It sits very close to level and the track is close in width to the Miata.

I plan to add a spare tire tomorrow from Tractor Supply since I don't like to be stranded due to trailer problems. I will also add a jack and spare tire mount. Later, I may weld on some angle iron for sides to help make loads more secure.

Someday, I may even add a removable car top carrier so we can use the Miata and trailer for week long trips. Then we can carry enough luggage depending on how big the kitchen sink is?

I will get to use the trailer in a couple of days to pick up some tires and wheels I bought from Tom at The Parts Group. I am going to Road Atlanta to assist on a race pit crew for Tom and he is bringing the tires and wheels for me to pick up.

Here is the hitch in action.

I sure do like trailers and this is a cool little trailer. They are much like tires and wheels, you can never have too many of them!


I wanted a way to carry more luggage on a trip we were planning to ride around in the mountains for a week. My oldest son had given me an old car top carrier that was no longer being used. I mounted it onto the trailer using some wood strips and large washers.

Now I can carry much more luggage if we need to. I sure hope we don't have too! (03/10/2014)