G. Rallycross Miata Engine Assembly

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Engine Assembly

I put the engine for the Rallycross Miata back together today. I took my time so, hopefully, I will not have to re-do anything.

First I put all the small parts back onto the head and installed it on the block.

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I then installed the cam seals using my Flyin Miata seal installer. It worked great!

Then I installed the water snout, backing plate, cam gears and timing belt.

The valve cover and fuel rail were installed next.

Then the intake alternator and intake manifold were installed.

I removed the Fram oil filter and installed a Mobil-1 filter. I also installed the intake brace.

Some of the exhaust studs were missing. I removed some studs from the old head using two nuts tightened back to back.

I used the same two nuts to install the studs on the new head snug enough that they should stay put.

I also installed the flywheel, clutch and pressure plate. I used some thread sealer on the flywheel bolts to keep oil from leaking onto the flywheel.

Next, i was going to mount the transmission, but found the nut on this bracket had a bolt broken off in it. So, I cut the old nut off and welded a new nut on. This bracket holds the down pipe in place. I wondered why the bolt was missing when I removed the down pipe.

I put a little self-etching primer on the nut and weld. It may rust but should outlast the car.

I decided to wait until tomorrow to mount the transmission. And I may have enough time tomorrow to re-install the engine.