Paint Detailing Part #2

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Paint Detailing

Part #2

I finished the 2000 SE paint detailing today. It took about five hours.

I started the day by polishing the front of the car. I used the DA and polishing compound.

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Once the compound was dry, I used two different microfiber cloths to remove the residue. The dirty one was used to get the bulk of the residue and the other was used to polish the finish to a nice shine.

There were several rock chips and numerous smaller chips in the paint on the hood and front bumper cover.

I used the Dr. ColorChip kit on the chips. This took about an hour since there were so many small chips about the size of a grain of sand. I followed the directions and it came out very good.

Once all the chips were colored I polished the front of the car again. Now the white specks are gone.

Next I applied the cleaner wax and ICE wax by hand. It sure looks good now!

Here are some pictures of the car after the final waxing.

Now I can drive in a clean car for a while. I will have to work hard to keep wax on the car. Since I live on a dirt road, just keeping the car clean is a chore. I have to wash her often so wax does not last long.